You already have a domain name.

You want to prepare your domain name before

linking it to your SimpleDifferent site

     • You already have a domain name registered with a registrar.
( You know it because you need to make yearly payments in order to retain its use, and maybe you even have a site functionning with this name.)

     • You have already created a Starter site with SimpleDifferent and upgraded it to Pro. You want your readers to access your SimpleDifferent site by typing the address of the domain name you have reserved ...

Here are the settings you need to apply to your domaine name.

Create or edit 2 'A records'

  1. Connect to the website of your registrar, where you reserved your domain name. Log in.

  2. Navigate to the page where you can change the settings the name you want to choose.
    (note: The DNS should be pointing at the registrar's DNS - like a brand new name)

  3. Edit or create the A record for "@" and point it to
    (In order to use "" with your SimDif site.)

  4. Edit or create the A record for "www" and point it to
    (In order to use "" with your SimDif site.)

  5. Check that there are no active redirections for your domain, they are not necessary.

  6. Verify that your change of settings has been saved and active.
    let a couple of hours pass
  7. Make sure your site is published

  8. Open the site settings of your website in the SimpleDifferent editor and choose "modify the web address of this site". For more information, check this page.

  9. Enter the domain name of your site and confirm.

Important Notes:

◊ ◊ ◊ 

Any changes on your domain name settings may take up to 24 hours to take effect.
( Name servers have to pass the information all over the world wide web)

◊ ◊ ◊ 

When creating a A record for www,

If there is already a CNAME record attached to "www"

   - Delete the CNAME (often a webredir...)  and
   - replace it with a new record of type A, 

   - linked this new record to "www" and the usual

◊ ◊ ◊ 

Make sure your site has been published at least once before you link it to your name