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Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website

Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website


Use an Existing Domain Name with Your SimDif Site

If you already own a domain name, you have 3 options for your new SimDif site:

Transfer your domain name to; pay for the current year at a reasonable price, receive a free https, and be able to use it with a free SimDif website. 

• Link your name from an outside registrar; If you prefer to stick with your current registrar (for example, you have a personal email account with them, or you paid for the domain name for an extended period) you can link your domain name to SimDif. To do this you must upgrade to a Pro site.

• Choose and purchase a new domain name; Sometimes, a new site with a new domain can be an opportunity to rethink the brand or identity of your business or activity. If you register your new name with, you can use it with any SimDif site, Starter (Free), Smart or Pro.

Transfer your domain name to YorName

1. Login to your current provider to unlock your domain name.

2. Copy the AUTH or EPP code they provide.

3. In SimDif, go to the top right, yellow button and select "Site Address - Domain Name".

4. Select the green button, "Transfer an existing domain name to".

5. Use the button to go to YorName and follow the instructions to proceed with the transfer.

 • The transfer process may take up to 6 days.

 • Check your emails every day during this period.

6. Once the transfer has been completed you will receive an email.

7. Publish your site to link it to your domain name and its SSL certificate (https://).

Steps to link your domain name to a Pro Site

Create or edit 2 'A records’

1. Log in to the website of the registrar you purchased your domain name from.

2. Go to the page where you can edit your DNS records.

3. Edit or create the A record for "@" and enter

4. Edit or create the A record for "www" and enter

5. Check that there are no active redirects for your domain, they are not required.

6. Verify that your changes are saved and active.

7. Wait for a couple of hours.

8. Go to your SimDif site, open Site Settings (top right, yellow button) and select "Site Address - Domain Name".

9. Scroll down and select the grey button named "Use an existing domain name that is currently registered with another provider".

10. Once you have changed the name of your website, publish it again and the domain name will be linked.

11. Contact us to get a free "https://" with your address.


Any changes to your domain name settings may take up to 24 hours to take effect. 

Nameservers have to pass the information across the world wide web.

If there is already a CNAME record attached to “www” when creating an A record for www:

  • Delete the CNAME.  
  • Create a new A record.  
  • Link this new record to "www" and

Make sure your site has been published at least once before you link it to your domain name.

Choosing an Email Service to Accompany Your Website

How to decide what email address you will use for your website?

If you are reading this, you are likely already considering using your own domain name for your SimDif site. 

It is important to decide what email address you will use for your business or activity, the one you use today or one based on your new domain name. 

Here are a few hints to help you choose what kind address suits your needs.