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Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website

Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website


Which Domain To Use? “.com" Or “"

".com" or "" ?
".com" or "" ?

Should I use a SimDif domain or a personal domain name ? A good question.

Every website created with SimDif is welcome to use a free domain name, for example, “".

You are probably asking yourself:

  • Is the free “" address sufficient?

  • Should you purchase a personalized domain name for your site?

When to use ""?

A "" domain is just as well regarded by search engines as a ".com" or other domain name ending. The quality of the content of your site, its organization, its popularity, are the main keys.

Simple, direct, and easy to remember names are rarely available for generic extensions. 

For example, if your name is Michael, the most common domain names including Michael have most likely been taken. has a much better chance of being available. 

Domain names with "" are available free of charge to all SimDif sites.

When to use a personalized domain name?

Your name will potentially stay with you for a very long time. You want to be able to change the way you build your site and where you host it. 

Getting your own name is a way to preserve your independence.

Purchasing a domain name is likely to bring good results and can give your website a clear identity.

Please note: All SimDif sites - Starter, Smart or Pro - can use a personal domain name:

Advantages of using your own custom domain name

Having your own domain name gives you the option of using a memorable branded email address, for example "".

You can only use Google Adsense on your site when you have your own top level domain name (TLD).

You can strongly identify your site with a geographical location and language by using a country extension, for example

You can develop a clean and undiluted brand identity.

What happens to your when you purchase a personalized domain name?

Your domain name ending in "" will automatically be forwarded to your new name.

You will not lose the reputation established with your previous name and can keep on building it as you update and improve the content of your site.

What's Different About YorName?

YorName makes it easy to buy and use your own domain name

Many of us have experienced how buying and managing domain names can feel very technical and how it can often be blurred by aggressive marketing tactics.

Simple Different, the parent company of SimDif, aims to make things easier, clearer and more honest when it comes to domain names, and has created YorName for this purpose.