How to purchase a domain name

Some fundamental concepts before you begin

Domain names can not actually be purchased. You can however reserve the right to use a domain name. Essentially it works more like a rental than a purchase. 

The registration of domain names is done through a registration bureau or a registrar. There are hundreds around the world supervised by the Icann and it is a lucrative and highly competitive business.You will find here a list of the bigger registrars.
In such an environment it will be a challenge to choose a service provider that will understand your needs and be able to satisfy your requests. This can be especially true because managing a domain can be complex and technical even for seasoned veterans. 

We have compared and evaluated the individual bids of these services and have chosen three of them. We feel they are best able to meet your expectations because they keep the process of reserving and managing a domain name as simple as possible or propose specific services.

Note: SimpleDifferent can't host your domain name's mailboxes (e.g. If you wish to use such an address, you would need to find a registrar offering mail service in addition to domain name registration, like home page

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Our first choice:

Strengths: • Very simple • Competitive pricing • Simplified set up

The domain name registrar is a dynamic and original service based out of New Zealand. This company focuses on simplicity to provide an efficient, fast and relatively inexpensive service. 

Note:, does not propose to manage the emails linked to your domain name. It is a good choice if you will will be using your free gmail or yahoo email for example.

Check out our step by step guide to

Register and setup your domain name with home page

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A full-featured solution:

Strengths:  • email management • ethical • full service

The domain name registrar has a long history in France. This company has always stood out for its business ethics and a philosophy which we agree with. 

The service offered by, although not the cheapest on the market, is complete and fairly easy to use. In addition, offers 5 free email addresses with each domain (e.g


Check out our step by step guide to

Register and setup your domain name with Gandi.


GoDaddy home page

 A mobile solution: GoDaddy

Strengths: • Android app • iPhone and iPad apps

GoDaddy is one of the world's largest registrars and sales also an email hosting service. If you would like to pay for your domain name using your Google Wallet or your iTunes account, this is definitely the way to go.

Note: Renewal prices tend to be higher than 1st year prices.

Check out our step by step guide to
Register and setup your domain name with GoDaddy.