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Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website

Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website


How to Purchase a Domain Name for Your SimDif Site?

How to register your domain with YorName?

Please note, SimDif does not require you to have a Smart or Pro site to purchase your own domain name, you can do this with a Free Starter site.

1. Go to site settings (top right, yellow gear button).

2. Select "Site Address - Domain Name". 

3. Select the first green button "Purchase your own domain name with".

4. Use the button "Go to" and purchase your new domain name.

5. A couple of hours after the purchase, publish your site to link it to your new domain name.

Note: SimDif does not currently host your domain name's emails (e.g. 

If you wish to set up a personalized email address, you can set one up using

Make sure you keep your domain name registration up to date

With YorName, as with any domain registration service, you technically lease your domain name, rather than buy it.

It is very important to make sure you renew your domain each year.

YorName will help you to remember by sending email reminders near the time that your domain name registration is due to expire.

What's Different About YorName?

YorName makes it easy to buy and use your own domain name

Many of us have experienced how buying and managing domain names can feel very technical and how it can often be blurred by aggressive marketing tactics.

Simple Different, the parent company of SimDif, aims to make things easier, clearer and more honest when it comes to domain names, and has created YorName for this purpose. 

Moving An Existing Website To SimDif

Can I use my previous site with SimDif?

You cannot move a website to SimDif but it is quick and easy to copy and re-organize your old content onto your new SimDif site.

You can also transfer or link a domain name you used with an old site to your new SimDif site.