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Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website

Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website


Moving An Existing Website To SimDif

Can I use my previous site with SimDif?

You cannot move a website to SimDif but it is quick and easy to copy and re-organize your old content onto your new SimDif site.

You can also transfer or link a domain name you used with an old site to your new SimDif site.

What happens to the old site?

If you point your domain name to your SimDif site your readers will lose access to the previous site. 

A domain name acts like a railway switch. The readers are the train. When the switch is moved, the old station (your previous site) still exists, but the train can no longer get there.

As long as you keep paying for hosting with your previous hosting service, your previous website files will still exist.

However, without a domain name there is no way for readers to access the files.

Why move to SimDif?

We believe SimDif is one of the easiest website builders for creating effective websites.

It is the only website builder to work with the same features, on a phone, computer, and tablet.

Building a SimDif site will give you the opportunity to improve the organization of your content and create a truly useful and successful site.

SimDif has been created with guides, FAQs, tips, and the Optimization Assistant to help you to start AND finish your site. SimDif is constantly being improved, and the latest version offers:

  • Improved organization and navigation.
  • Easier updating and publishing of the content of your site.
  • A more direct relationship with your reader.

Making the move from your old site to your new site

As you develop your new site you can publish your site using our free “” subdomain.

You can transfer or link your previous website domain name to your new site when you are ready to go live.

Your readers will experience this change as an update to the content and layout of your site. If you worry about losing your reader's appreciation or Google rank, remember it is the content and organization that will decide its quality. 

Please remember: Build your SimDif site around the questions your readers will ask on search engines.

Use an Existing Domain Name with Your SimDif Site

If you already own a domain name, you have 3 options for your new SimDif site:

Transfer your domain name to; pay for the current year at a reasonable price, receive a free https, and be able to use it with a free SimDif website. 

• Link your name from an outside registrar; If you prefer to stick with your current registrar (for example, you have a personal email account with them, or you paid for the domain name for an extended period) you can link your domain name to SimDif. To do this you must upgrade to a Pro site.

• Choose and purchase a new domain name; Sometimes, a new site with a new domain can be an opportunity to rethink the brand or identity of your business or activity. If you register your new name with, you can use it with any SimDif site, Starter (Free), Smart or Pro.