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Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website

Buy a Domain Name for Your SimDif Website


Choosing an Email Service to Accompany Your Website

How to decide what email address you will use for your website?

If you are reading this, you are likely already considering using your own domain name for your SimDif site. 

It is important to decide what email address you will use for your business or activity, the one you use today or one based on your new domain name. 

Here are a few hints to help you choose what kind address suits your needs.

1. Use an established email service on the web

Many SimDif users like to keep the email address they used before they started their site. It is often an address hosted by one of the big services.

There are a large number of services offering free email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

Keeping your personal email has several advantages:

  • Your friends, clients, and contacts will be familiar with this email. 
  • You feel comfortable with its use.
  • You can avoid the technical difficulties that can come with linking an email address to a domain name.

Note: SimDif protects your email and it will not appear on the pages of your site. The contact page will allow readers to send you messages without exposing your email address.

2. Set up an email address with your own personalized domain name

You can use a personalized email address, for example "”. This is a common practice in business. 

If you own a domain name and have a SimDif site, please follow these steps to set up your own email address with your domain name. 

You can use the email service of our partner

During the setup, Zoho will ask you to confirm you are the owner of your domain name.

  • Select "TXT" as the verification method
  • Send the code they give you, by email, to

We will associate it with your domain name and you may then continue with the setup of your email.

Some Vocabulary around Domain Names

A Records

A Records allow you to point a domain name or subdomain to an IP address. The "A Record" is what you need to edit in order to use an external domain name with a SimDif Pro site for example.