How to combine your email and your domain name

Choosing a mail service to accompany your website

If you already have a SimpleDifferent account, then you also have at least one email address. The email address you have used to sign up for your account.

If you are reading this site, it is likely that you want to use your own domain name for your site. It is important that you ask yourself what kind of email address you will give to your readers, the one you use today, or one based on your new name. 

Here is a few hints to help you choose what kind address suits your needs.

1. Use a mail service on the web

Many SimpleDifferent users like to keep the mail address that they have been using before they started their site. It is often an address hosted by one of the main services.

There are a large number of services offering free email services: Gmail from Google, YahooMail, Hotmail from Microsoft or GMX CaraMail to name only a few.

Keeping your usual email has several advantages:

  • Your friends, clients and contacts will already know this email. 
  • You feel comfortable with its use.
  • You can avoid the technical difficulties that can come with linking an email address to a domain name. 

Tip! If you want to link your domain name to a different email address. You can access this through "Account Preferences" in your SimpleDifferent editor. 

Note that  SimpleDifferent protects your email. It will not appear on the pages of your site. A contact page will allow readers to send you messages without ever giving out your email address.

2. Use an email associated with your domain name

If you wish, you can use an email address of the form with your SimpleDifferent site. This is a common practice in business. There are a number of solutions to help you accomplish this goal. 
The simplest way to do this is to choose a registrar that has an included mail service. One that is simple and easy to understand. 

  • When you purchase a domain name. 
  • Or, when you transfer your domain name from your current registrar. However you must be aware that the transfer process can take several days. You need to see the documentations that is provided by your registrar. 

If you already have an email address associated with your domain:

  • Keep this service at your regular mail hosting service. 
  • Or if you are technically comfortable, you can choose a specialist provider to manage your mail. 

Regardless of your choice...