Which should you use? .com or .simdif.com

Using a SimpleDifferent domain or an external domain name:

a critical choice

Every website created with SimpleDifferent automatically receives a free domain name with simple different. This takes the form of name.simdif.com. This is true for both free Starter and paid Pro sites.

You will need to consider the following to choose your name:

  • Is the free .simdif.com address sufficient for your needs?
  • Should you register a private domain name for your site?
This page is intended to help you make the right decision:

Arguments in favor of using yourname.simdif.com

Don't be fooled, a .simdif.com domain is just as well regarded by search engines as a .com or other domain name ending.

  • Google and other search engines first catalog the content of your website and how it is organized. The domain ending plays a role in how a domain will be cataloged but there are many other more important factors to consider as well. The domain ending is not as critical you may have heard.
Simple, direct and easy to remember names are rarely available for generic extensions. This is not the case with domain names under .simdif.com
  • Say you are Michael. The most common names including michael have already been registered. 
  • On the other hand, michael.simdif.com has a much better chance of being free. This same principal holds true for other domain names that are simple, direct and easy to remember and spell.
  • Domain names that hold the .simdif.com ending are given free to sites created with SimpleDifferent and they can only be used by SimpleDifferent users.

If you were to change the name simdif.com for your own domain name later... Your "old" address with simdif.com will forward your readers and the existing links to the new name.

Arguments in favor of using generic or custom domain names such as yourname.com or yourname.net, ...

The best reason you would choose a generic domain name is that you already use it!

  • Using a generic domain name is important when you have used it before because it already has a reputation. 
  • Finding a domain name is still likely to bring pleasant surprises. With patience  you should be able to find a name that matches the selection criteria, when you do, you will have no reason to deprive yourself.

Finally, and it is an important point, if your strategy to build a website starts with SimpleDifferent and you find the need to gradually move on to more independent tools. The use of an external domain name will give you the option to move away from SimpleDifferent while still keeping your name.
For example, if you were to develop the need to have a programmer to build you a new site with its own database. You will retain the control of the domain name to evolve your website in any way you see fit.