Mistakes to avoid when choosing a website name

Don't make these mistakes when reserving a domain name

Here are some common mistakes to avoid so that you don't regret your choice

  • Do not rush! Take your time, a few days even, to choose a name that you are sure about. Changing your domain name has many implications in terms of your readers finding  your site and search engine optimization. 
  • Avoid exotic extensions, unless you have a special reason for doing so, stick to the common extensions .com .net .info or county extensions. 
  • Do not provide false information when reserving your domain name, provide real contact information and a valid email address. Without this information certain operations will be banned.  
  • Consider reserving derivative domain names. You can also register names that are similar to your domain name. For example, the plural ending of  your site sites with and without hyphens. Redirecting these addresses to your site will help visitors to be find to your site. 
  • Respect intellectual property. Company names and trademarks are protected by national and international laws. If you book a name that matches or closely resembles a known brand, you run the risk of losing that domain. 

Beware of keyword abuse in domain names

If you decide to reserve a domain name that does not represent your brand name, you must choose a name that reflects the content of your site. Use simple words that precisely describe the content of your site. Take time to reflect on the words that your readers will be using in search engines such as Google. 

Too many keywords are harmful: cheap-jeans-that-fit-very-well-and-dont-shrink.com is a terrible domain name. Limit yourself to two or three keywords. Above all, do not use a keyword that does not match the content of your website. If you do this, your site will be doomed to Google purgatory. 

Do not try to trump other users keywords. If your website is about swimming pools, do not use the name very-nice-pools.com if a competitor is already using great-pools.com. Search engines favor originality and simplicity. 

Don't paint yourself into a corner. If you think that beautiful-pools.com is a unique name and it is available, think twice before diving in, if you also sell spas, or check if that beautiful-pools-spas.com is available.