Link your SimpleDifferent site to your domain name.

1 - You have your own name registered and you have prepared it.

In other words, after you have paid for a domain name with a registrar, and that you have created your two A records like indicated

Note: Domain name setup with iwantmyname is automatic.

2 - Your site needs to be published before you will be able to link it

If you have not already published your site please do so before linking your name. You can always unpublish it after if you don't want it appearing on the web yet. 

You now need to tell SimpleDifferent what domain name you wish to use. For this,

3 - Log into your account, and visit your "site settings".

Click onto the panel called "modify the web address of this site".

and just follow the instructions

You can click the first photo to start the instructional sideshow below.


It may take up to 24 hours (or more) for the changes you have made at a registrar to be available worldwide on the internet, if you are experiencing problems just try again later.

If the symptoms persist, please contact us