An external domain name is not a site.

What makes a website

A registrar or (domain name registrar) 

is where you rent a domain name. The domain name is not a site. It is like a bookmark that will guide users to a specific location on the Internet.

A host

is where you keep the files that make up your website. Your domain name will point to these files.

A website

is a combination of these files, a host that gives access to their content and a domain name that points to their location on the Internet.


is a host, with a bonus. The SimpleDifferent editor allows you to change and update the content of these files simply. This is typically a complicated procedure. SimpleDifferent removes most of the technical aspect to the creation and update of your site.

Can I use my previous site with SimpleDifferent?

You can not move a website to SimpleDifferent but you can move and re-organize its content. You can easily edit the settings the domain name so that it points to your SimpleDifferent site.

What happens to the old site?
If you point your domain name to your SimpleDifferent site, your readers will loose access to the previous site. A domain name acts like a railway switch. The readers are a train. When the switch is turned, the old station (your previous site) still exists but the train can no longer get there.

Your previous site does not disappear. 

As long as  you keep paying your hosting package with your old hosting service, your previous files still exists, but without a domain name, there is no way for readers to access them.

Your domain name acts like a railroad switch.

Why make a change to SimpleDifferent?

Editing your domain name so that it points at your SimpleDifferent site will give you the opportunity to improve the organization of your content. The visible structure of your pages, the way you answer your readers questions, is the key for a successful site.

Re-thinking and re-organizing your website, usually brings great improvement.

  • Improved organization and navigation
  • If you point your domain name at your SimpleDifferent site
        You won't lose the exposure and fame your previous website has grown
  • Easier updates to the content of your site
  • A more direct relationship with your reader

From one site to the other

As you work, you can actually publish your new SD site and point your previous domain name to this new site only when it is ready. Your readers will experience this change only as an update of the content and layout of your site. 

If you worry about loosing your reader's appreciation or Google fame, remember, It is the content of your site and the clarity of its organization that will decide its quality. If you don't know already, you will soon realize that neither Google nor web readers that rush through content are actually sensitive to shiny features and technical gadgets when it comes to understanding what you have to say.

Try to build your SimpleDifferent site around the questions your readers will be asking.

Keeping 2 sites
Having 2 different sites can be a good strategy if you have different content or the same content but different sets of readers with different questions and expectations. However to have 2 sites you will need to have 2 domain names. You can choose freely which domain name you would like to represent which site, an external domain name in the form of "" or for your SimpleDifferent site, an external domain name or a free "" domain name.

Just remember that Google does not like exact duplication of content.

  • If it is mainly about your content and its organization for your reader
  • If you want to offer multiple languages
  • If you want an easy way to update your site
Keep the site in SimpleDifferent