How to setup a name with GoDaddy

You may already have taken your name with GoDaddy.

Here is how to modify the settings of your domain name to link it to your SimpleDifferent site. Note : If you have been using your domain name with another hosting solution, you want to make sure that your Name servers are GoDaddy's

Then it is simply about editing your DNS zone file :
  • Change the A record for "@" to 

  • Erase the CNAME linked to "www"
  • And create a new A record, for "www" pointing also to 

  • Save. That's it.

Click on the first picture below to start the slideshow:

Please note

Adding a couple of A records is fairly easy.

But there is also another record for "www". It is a CNAME record. Don't worry, you can safely erase this CNAME before you add the second A record for "www".


When you have edited your domain name records and validated the modification... Go back to your SimpleDifferent editor and modify the web address of your site.

Once your domain name is set up, visit this page to link it to your site.