How to set up a name with

A full-featured solution :

Gandi is a French company with a long history of good web ethics. We agree with their business principles. We have no contract or arrangement with them.

Click here to buy and set your name up for SimDif

The services offered by Gandi, although not the cheapest on the Internet, are complete and fairly easy to use. In addition to managing domain names, Gandi also provides 5 free email addresses with your domain  (e.g

Below is a twelve step pictorial guide on how to configure a domain name with Gandi, in order to link it to your SimDif site.

Click on the first picture below to start the slideshow:


When you have edited your domain name with, and created your own copy of its Zone file like shown above ... Go back to your SimpleDifferent editor and modify the web address of your site.

Once your domain name is set up, visit this page to link it to your site.